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About the project

Many recent efforts are focused on increasing female participation in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) as well as other male-dominated fields and environments. At CounterPoint, we believe that one way to achieve greater inclusivity is through sharing powerful stories from women who have chosen to work in such fields and environments.

Stories encourage us, motivate us and allow us to learn from each others' experiences. The CounterPoint project aims to understand why some stories influence us more than others in order to find the most inspirational stories capable of changing our lives.



Who can take part?

If you are a woman working in STEM or any other male-dominated environment, we want your stories!

How does it work?

Submit two stories from your own experience: the Nightmare story and the Daydream story (try to keep each story to 100-250 words). In your Nightmare story, give us a concrete example of how you have experienced an unwelcoming behaviour, environment, a circumstance or a situation (this could have manifested itself in the lack of inclusivity, tolerance, acceptance, etc.) and what you have done as a result of that experience. In your Daydream story, give us a specific example of welcoming behaviour, environment, circumstance or situation (something you would consider a "good practice" or a "positive example") which you have experienced and what you have done as a result of that experience.

When will submissions be open?

Submissions open annually on March 8 close on December 31.

What happens next?

On March 8 every year all submitted stories will be published on this website and most inspirational stories (stories voted by other women as making a difference in their lives) will be selected through the public vote. Results of the public vote will be publicised on this website.

How can I submit my stories?

You will either receive an email inviting you to submit your story OR you can contact the Inclusion AI Project directly via the following email: ganna[at]inclusionai[dot]org if you want to participate.

How will my information be protected?

You will receive an information sheet about the project along with the consent form outlining all details related to the use of your information. We will not publish anything without your consent. You will be asked to sign off your stories before they go public.

I am not sure I have the time to write the entries, but I am happy to tell you my stories

No problem! Please, get in touch with us via ganna[at]inclusionai[dot]org and we will schedule a brief online interview.

Why do we collect contrasting stories?

In many cases, we tend to hear "negative" or "nightmare" stories about women's experiences in STEM. In order to understand how both "negative" and "positive" experiences motivate us, we want to hear about both.

Why do we focus on women?

At CounterPoint, we fully appreciate that there are many other groups, suffering from the lack of inclusivity in STEM. While our pilot project concentrates on women, we are planning to extend it to other groups in the future. If you would like to draw attention to a particular group, please email ganna[at]inclusionai[dot]org

When life makes an unfair point - make your point, make a counter point!
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